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What is Auto Fraud?

Auto Fraud is a serious problem in California. Unscrupulous dealerships may deliberately sell you a car they know has defects, sell you a wrecked car, or engage in creative and illegal financing. These acts are prohibited by California law.

A California auto fraud and lemon law attorney at Rosner, Barry & Babbitt, LLP can help determine if you have been the victim of auto fraud. If you suspect that you have been cheated, contact the Auto Fraud Legal Center at their office today.

“Auto Fraud” is a catch-all term for common illegal practices, including:

  • Misrepresentations/Prior Accidents
  • Smog Violations
  • Violation of Warranty of Title
  • Illegally Charging DMV Filing Fees
  • Deferred Down Non-Disclosure
  • Single Document Rule Violations
  • Lumping Violations
  • Monroney Sticker Violations
  • “Yo-yo Financing/10-day Rule Violations
  • Failure to Provide Buyers Guides
  • Backdating
  • Prior Rental Non-disclosure
  • Failure to Provide Foreign Language Contracts
  • Certified Vehicle Misrepresentations
  • Negative Equity Nondisclosure
  • Tire Fee Non-disclosure
  • TMU/Odometer Fraud
  • Failure to Provide Paperwork