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      Rosner, Barry & Babbitt Sues SmileCare

      Rosner, Barry & Babbitt, LLP has filed a class action against Coast Dental Services, Inc., otherwise known as SmileCare in San Diego County Superior Court: Simon v. Coastal Dental Services, Inc., Case No. 37-2014-00030167-CU-CO-CTL. The action is based on SmileCare’s failure to comply with California law when helping patients obtain credit cards to pay for dental services. California law, in Bus. & Prof. Code Section 654.3, requires SmileCare to provide the following to its patients before it can help a patient obtain a credit card to pay for dental services and/or provide any dental services

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      Why Did Ford Extend Its Warranty On My Ford Focus Or My Ford Fiesta?

                  If you drive a Ford Focus orFord Fiesta you probably just received a letter Ford.  This letter announces that Ford has decidedto extend the warranty on the transmission on your vehicle.  This letter followed thousands of customerswho complained about a harsh shift or the basic handling of the transmission onthe Focus or Fiesta vehicles. This letter announced that Ford had extended thewarranty on your transmission to your warranty seven (7) years or 100,000 miles,whichever occurs first.  Ford alsoannounced that it was directing its dealerships to service your transmissionfree of charge. 

                  Service mytransmission?  Didn’t the dealer tell youthat there was nothing to fix?  Didn’tthe dealer tell you that your complaint was normal?  Or that there was nothing to repair?  What’s an “automated manualtransmission?”  You may say to yourself,“I thought I purchased an automatic transmission.”  So what’s going on?  If there’s nothing to repair, or my concernsare normal, why did Ford extend the warranty on my car?  You may have a claim for a breach of warrantyor a false advertising claim against Ford. Please contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt and the Auto Fraud LegalCenter for a free evaluation.


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      Outsourcing Justice – New Book About Federal Arbitration Act

      Paul Bland, Senior Attorney at Public Justice, wrote a piece on Professor Imre Szalai’s new book on arbitration. Here’s what Paul has to say:

      http://publicjustice.net/blog/important-new-book-proves-federal-arbitration-act-badly-distorted-by-supreme-court This post examines a recentlypublished book by an extraordinary law professor, Imre Szalai, who has goneback through the papers of the three men who drafted and lobbied for and pushedthe Federal Arbitration Act.  In painstaking historical detail, reviewingall sorts of primary materials, he establishes convincingly that the FAA wasnever intended to (a) apply to employment contracts at all; or (b) apply totake-it-or-leave-it contracts.  This book is an important development inthe historical scholarship on the Act, and demonstrates conclusively that theFAA has been distorted and mis-shaped by the U.S. Supreme Court in recentdecades.  The Act now covers millions of people and transactions that itwas never intended to address.

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      Motor Home Problems on the Rise

      The economic downturn caused the motor home industry to go stagnant. Rosner, Barry & Babbitt, LLP saw several manufacturers and dealership file for bankruptcy protection or go out of business. Now that the economy has recovered motor home manufacturers are once again beginning to sell their product. You should know that motor home dealers are subject to the same financing disclosure requirements as car dealers. Once again, our attorneys are beginning to see that the motor home dealers are failing to adhere to their responsibilities to make the mandated financial disclosures. These dealers are proving that they are as unscrupulous as car dealers. Find our more about our most recent case after the jump.

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      California Dealers Fraudulently Overcharging Vehicle License Fees

      A vehicle purchase contract is a complicated document. Over two feet long with hundreds and hundreds of words printed on the front and back, it is nearly impossible for the average consumer to digest all this information. Because of this, unscrupulous dealers have been able to insert fraudulent terms and charges without the consumer finding out.

      In its nearly 30 years of existence, Rosner, Barry & Babbitt, LLP has found numerous cases of auto fraud hidden in the maze of the lengthy sales contract. The latest auto fraud dealers are committing is grossly overcharging vehicle license fees. Read more to find out how one dealer charged a consumer nearly 50 times the actual license fees!

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      Predatory High Interest Car Title Loans Take Advantage of Consumers

      In 2011, the most recent year for DBO data, Californians took out 38,148 auto title loans, averaging $3,500 each.

      Auto-title loan ads populate the Internet and airwaves with catchy names like “INeedCashNow.net,” “PinkSlipLoan.com” or “123FundMe.com.”

      Their pitch is typically the same: Get fast cash with no credit check, based on the value of your vehicle. Bad credit or bankruptcy? Not a problem. No long-term job history? No worries.

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      Judge Who Ruled Against Arbitration Activist Now an Arbitrator

      A former San Diego Superior Court judge who ruled against arbitration campaigner Jon Perz in his battle with a local car dealership has become an arbitrator.

      Early on in the case, Denton ruled in favor of Mossy, which wanted to compel Perz to fight his suit within the arbitration system.

      Then, in 2010, Perz sought to have the arbitrator assigned to his case dismissed after his attorney learned that she had sided with companies in 40 cases and never once ruled in favor of a consumer.

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      Car Dealers Lobbying Congress for Anti-Consumer Protections

      The National Automobile Dealers Association is encouraging their members to lobby for the following anti-consumer changes in the law:

      Preserving dealer-assisted financing: This refers to the way some dealers take your credit application and send it electronically to several potential lenders to see whether they want to give you a loan.

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