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Auto Fraud Frequently Asked Questions

Automobile fraud occurs when a retailer seller misrepresents or fails to disclose material facts regarding a new or used vehicle, in violation of California consumer protection statutes. There are many categories of automobile fraud: sale of wrecked vehicles, sale of previously repurchased “lemon” vehicles, odometer fraud and various financial frauds that occur in the advertising or at the time of sale or lease of the vehicle. The following are some Frequently Asked Questions our California lemon lawyers have received during our daily interaction with vehicle consumers.

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What are some other ways that people are defrauded through the purchase or lease process?
How do I know that I have been sold a vehicle with an incorrect odometer reading?
What is odometer fraud?
What can I do if I think I was sold a previously wrecked vehicle?
How do I know if I have been sold a previously wrecked vehicle?
What constitutes fraud in the sale of a wrecked vehicle?

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