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What Our Clients Have to Say

"Dear Mr. Rosner,

Your firm filed and won my case against South County Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, located in Gilroy CA, last October 2015. I was charged for a new 2015 Ram truck that, it turned out, had been in an accident. The dealership offered only to fix the truck, rather than refund my money, after lying to me. They stalled; some of them denied that the damage happened there; and the primary contact (since the owner, himself, never returned one of my calls) was surly, loud, and intimidating.

Your firm, and specifically, Attorney Dana Turner saved the day for me. Ms. Turner is nothing short of incredible. She explained everything to me clearly, was there for me every step of the way, responded to me promptly when I needed to check progress/status, and genuinely cared for me as a person (not just a swindled consumer).

I am so grateful to your firm, to your dedication to help defrauded consumers without the resources to fight a legal battle on their own or through other law firms, and to Dana Turner, who was able to get my money back for me. I am now driving a new 2015 Ram and it is absolutely perfect.

From the bottom my heart, this old man thanks you for what you did; I thought I was sunk. Your mission is righteous and your staff is noble.

Please feel free to use my words on your website to promote the wonderful work that you do.


Harry Y.
Happy Client

“Quiero agradecerles muchisimo por todo lo que han hecho por nosotros. Arlyn y Martha nos han ayudado bastante. Estamos bien contentos. Gracias por todo”

Ms. S.
Happy Client

"Thank you so much for all the help, I am very grateful and have no words to thank the attorney for all the amazing help. I will recommend you with friends. You all do an amazing job and are very nice people!"

Francisco V.
Happy Client

"Thanks a lot for helping me. I'm very grateful. I'm glad you are available to provide your service and help everyone. Thank you very much. God bless you all."

Ms. C.
Happy Client

“David Herman, he did the best for me, thank you so much!”

Mr. A.
Happy Client

“Muchisimas gracias por sus servicios. Estoy muy contenta. Gracias!”

Ms. A.
Happy Client

You all have been great. Thank you very much, please extend our gratitude to everyone."

Ms. Gomez
Happy Client

"I'm VERY happy with your services, thanks a lot!"

Ms. R.
Happy Client

"Mr. Rosner handled my case against CarMax and he was very professional and always quick to respond to my emails. Once the return letter was sent out to CarMax, it took less than a month for my case to be completed and my settlement check was sent out. I was referred to Rosner, Barry, and Babbitt by a different attorney who was not able to help with my case. You guys are my number one referral for auto fraud lawyers. Thanks Again!"

Heather M.
Happy Client

"Thank you guys for everything you did. Please tell Hal how pleased I am."

Chris L.
Happy Client

"Gregory Babbitt handled my case and I appreciate all of his hard work and diligence. He kept me informed every step of the way during my case and was a pleasure to work with.
Coming into this case, I was very intimidated and not sure of my rights as a consumer. Greg was very informative, professional and made me feel like he was truly fighting for my rights. I am so thankful that I was referred to this firm (by another attorney, actually) and I would gladly recommend Gregory Babbitt to anyone that needs outstanding representation! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Vicki L.
Happy Client

Thank you for everything! You guys are a life saver! I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you again!!!!!!

David S.
Happy Client

My son and I are very grateful for your services, we are going to recommend you to our friends. Many thanks!

Nicholas and Teresa C.
Happy Clients

Arlyn Escalante is excellent!! Thank you very much.

Raul P.
Happy Client

“I really appreciate your help. Kendra Woods did an excellent job! I’m satisfied. Thank you so much.”

Ray A.
Happy Client

Thank you very much for you guys help; I’ll make sure to recommend you to my friends. Arlyn Escalante has been wonderful. Thank you!!

Gary and Sondra R.
Happy Clients

“You guys did an awesome job!!! Thank you very, very much.”

Yaneth A.
Happy Client

I bought a new Ford Focus from Livermore Ford with reoccurring transmission problems .
Within 6 months I was turning my car back into Ford. We received the purchase price, taxes,loan payment and all registration fees back. It was like driving a car around for free for over 3 years. Thank you Auto Fraud.

Ms. M
Happy Client

"It has been GREAT working with you guys. Thanks a lot!!!”

Stacy R.
Happy Client
Walter W.
Happy Client

"I have no words to express my gratitude. I was in so much trouble and you guys helped me. You were angels. Thank you so very much. God bless you."

Thomas H.
Happy Client

We want to say thank you so much for the work you did against Ford to win our case! Awesome job!! You stayed in touch throughout the whole process. That helped us feel like things were moving along!! Again thank you!!

Mr. and Ms. Jacobs
Happy Clients

Dear David,
I just wanted to say thank you for you continued assistance and helping me get this resolved. I really appreciate what you've done!

Amanda E.
Happy Client

I want to start by saying thank you to Rosner, Barry, & Babbitt; Attorneys at law, especially Michael Klitzke for being in my corner when I lost hope. They were so polite and so professional. They answered questions sooner than I ever expected each time. This firm is heaven sent! Simply amazing. Not only for winning our case, but for getting us what we deserved back, and most importantly, for giving us a chance when other firm's didn't!

Life's about living and sometimes we encounter unfortunate events like this, but just like simply living, we have hero's who walk among us.

Mr. and Ms. R
Happy Clients

"I'm very happy with the results and the overall experience with you and your law firm. I will definitely refer you to anyone I know who has comes across auto fraud of any kind."

Andrew V.
Happy Client

"Special thanks to Mr. Hawk Barry, thanks for everything!!!"

Arturo M.
Happy Client

"Thank you for the GREAT work."

Diane B.
Happy Client

"I have dealt with many attorneys but never came across attorneys like the ones in your firm. They were very courteous and professional and got fast results. I’ll definitely advertise your firm. Thanks."

Dr. C
Happy Client

"Thank you to each and everyone of you guys who have assisted/represented my case. Congrats to Rosner, Barry & Babbitt LLP for battling all the way to the end."

Elizabeth E.
Happy Client

“THANK YOU, you guys are awesome!!!"

Evangelique G.
Happy Client

"Thank you, thank you very much. God Bless you!"

Evella N.
Happy Client

"Please tell Greg Babbitt, thanks again. You guys did a GREAT job!"

Gilbert C.
Happy Client

"Thank you very much for all you did. I’m very happy. All of you are very professional and I’ll highly recommend you to my friends."

Humberto A.
Happy Client

"Thank you for all your help with GMAC and getting me the compensation. I will continue to send business your way for anybody looking for help."

Jay G.
Happy Client

"Thank you so much for all you done. You all have been wonderful. Thanks!"

Jennifer K.
Happy Client

"Mary and I want to thank you very much for your kind assistance in helping us with our car concern. You have been very professional and communicative during this time and have communicated with Lexus on our behalf very well. The settlement has been more than we ever expected and we are very pleased. Thank you again for your time, assistance, and professionalism."

Happy Client

"Best wishes and many thanks for your work on our case."

Joshua K.
Happy Client

"I have received the settlement funds this morning and I wanted to thank you and your office for helping me and my family out more than you could imagine! Thanks to your firm and your help we can afford to live a comfortable life now. Have a great week!"

Kristin K.
Happy Client

"Dear Greg,
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. I really appreciate all that you did, I know it was a long haul. I was able to go out and buy a new truck on the Friday that I got my check. Thank you so much. I wish you continued success."

Happy Client

"Thank you all; I really really appreciate you work. Thank you, thank you."

Washington P.
Happy Client


Maria R.
Happy Client

"Thank you so very much. Your office has been absolutely wonderful! Thanks a lot."

Marvin F.
Happy Client

“A heartfelt thank you for representing Coby and me in our lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz.

Indeed, Coby and I – and Jan – deeply respect your counsel, expertise, guidance, diligence and, most importantly, your incredible patience when it came to answering what must have seemed like a torrent of sophomoric legal questions.

The outcome was worth the many months of “waiting” for something to happen. And your law firm’s reputation for not just being successful, but caring about their clients, was enhanced by your performance.

So, again, thank you.

We all wish you much success both professionally and personally.”


Michael W.
Happy Client

"The Auto Fraud Legal Center meets your expectations 100%!"

Nick V.
Happy Client

"I’m very thankful to the attorneys for helping me get out of the mess that I was in. I’m extremely happy with the results. Thanks a lot."

Patricia S.
Happy Client

"Thank you so very much for all you done; you have a great team! I’ll make sure to recommend you to all my friends and co-workers. Thank you very very much."

Ruben A.
Happy Client

"Thank you so very much for helping me with my situation with Glendale Infiniti. You did an excellent job! You guys are the best! Please send me business cards so I can pass the word around what an excellent firm you truly are. Thanks again!"

Stacy M.
Happy Client

"Dear Greg,
It was great to hear the good news that our case has finally concluded. My goal was to clear my name from an unwarranted negative claim against me, and that plus a bit more has been accomplished. I thank you for your patience while dealing with sometimes difficult people and difficult situations, and especially your patience with me. I could not have accomplished any of these things without your help.

Your legal expertise and people skills are exemplary and were used frequently while pursuing this case for me. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my acquaintances.

Again, many thanks and my best wishes in your future pursuits.

Warm regards,"

Sue Z.
Happy Client

"I greatly appreciate the expedient manner in which my case was handled — your ability to advocate on my behalf and come away with a win-win for everyone is unmatched and heartfelt! Please remember that for every 1 of me there are likely 10 others that need someone like you to come to their aid. Sharon and Hal, thanks for the impressive job you did in this case!"

Tracy N.
Happy Client

"I'm extremely grateful to all attorneys and staff for all you have done. And special thanks to Atty. Turner, she was outstanding!"

Waldo B.
Happy Client

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